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Chef Michael Gomez

My name is Michael Gomez, and I’m a professionally trained and certified Chef. In ten minutes I learned how to lose 140 lbs and keep the weight off. I’ve been on this diet going on fifteen years. I hope to give you a new hope and practical tools when it comes to losing weight.  I will teach you a lifestyle that you can live with and be happy for the rest of your life. I will teach you how your physical body works, when it comes to losing weight.  This diet is short and to the point that you can immediately start to lose weight. You may eat anything and lose weight. It’s a diet you can live with and be happy. It’s a diet you can eat anything and not feel guilty about anymore.  I love the word “diet “because I understand the true meaning when it comes to dieting to losing weight and keeping it off forever. That’s why I called this LOVE MY DIET “Delight In Every Taste.”


I started to lose weight immediately and rapidly, five ten fifteen pounds the first month.  I don’t worry about gaining the weight back and what I ate anymore. Some time I would gain 2lbs, but then turn around and lose 4lbs. Some people call that the yo-yo diet. I called it lets gain weight to lose weight. I will teach you its OK to gain weight and do not feel guilty any more. That will come later in a book that I am currently working on. Just remember the key words, do not feel guilty when you gained some weight back. Like I said I started to lose weight immediately and rapidly. My family and friends were amazed and could not believe that I was losing weight so rapidly. They ask me how I am losing the weight. I did not know how to explain it to them at that time. All I know I was losing the weight and keeping it off. I would tell them “I eat when I am hungry and stop when I’m full”. I did not know how to tell them the diet is based on physical hunger. The first year lost 90 pounds!


Here through my website, I can teach how to lose weight and keep it off! I can do this by sharing with you and teaching you about my three basic principles: First, eat when you’re hungry. Through my principles I will explain what true hunger is. Second, eat what you like. Learn how to have a new relationship with food without guilt. Third, eat consciously and pay attention when you eat. A lot of times we tend to eat out of emotional hunger and not physical hunger. Learn to pay attention and tell the difference. Last of all stop when you think you’re full. Your stomach is small fuel tank and not storage tank, so stop eating when you feel content and full, no need to overfill.


According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, unhealthy eating and inactivity contribute to 310,000 to 580,000 deaths each year. That’s 13 times more than are killed by guns and 20 times more than by drug use.

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